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Aum Pulser Single Coil


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Indications for Use

Aum Pulser device is used for,

-Dealing with sleep related problems;

-When extremely sleep deprived or highly stressed;

-Working late/Driving without fatigue;

-Pain and Injury Management;

-To Connect with Earth’s frequency for rejuvenation and balance.

What’s Included

  1. Box Kit: AUM PULSER Control unit, 12V power supply, Magnetic coil, Indian, U.K, U.S.A and Australian conversion plugs are placed in box kit while packing. It can be used to store the parts after usage;
  2. AUM PULSER Control Unit: AUM PULSER control unit is heart of the AUM PULSER and has 6 different modes. The modes operate at different frequencies;
  3. Power Adapter: 12V power adapter is used to operate the AUM PULSER device;
  4. Electromagnet Coil: The Top-Ring, Bottom-Plate, Air-Core Coil and Nut assembled together form the complete “Electromagnet Coil‟;
  5. Europe/India Plug: When in Europe/India, use this plug to operate the AUM PULSER device;
  6. U.K Plug: When in the United Kingdom, use this plug to operate the AUM PULSER device;
  7. U.S.A Plug: When in the United States of America, use this plug to operate the AUM PULSER device;
  8. Australia Plug: When in Australia, use this plug to operate the AUM PULSER device


To ensure safety of the user, the patient and the bystanders, please pay attention to the following safety instructions:

  • PREGNANCY: Aum Pulser is not tested on pregnant women. Therefore, Pregnant women SHOULD NOT USE THE DEVICE;
  • PACEMAKERS: People with Heart Pacemakers, Deep Brain Stimulators and Other Electronic Implants SHOULD NOT USE THE DEVICE AT ALL;
  • Place only the electromagnet under the bedding. DO NOT put the CONTROL BOX under pillows or mattress as overheating may occur;
  • NORTH POLE: North side of electromagnet is positioned toward body at all times;
  • SOUTH POLE: The south pole is located where the cord ties into the bottom side of electromagnet;
  • CLEANING: AUM PULSER device can be gently cleaned by a piece of cloth. AUM PULSER device has to be switched off and separated from the current power supply before cleaning;
  • WATER/MOISTURE: DO NOT immerse the device or its accessories in liquid! Liquid ingression may cause serious damage and the device can be unusable;
  • POWER SUPPLY: DO NOT operate controller at more than 12 Volts 2.5 Ampere DC input or waveform will deteriorate causing more harm than good.


Lipika Technologies makes no medical claims real or implied as to benefit of our device and methods;

Our product is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease;

Any information provided by us is not to be construed as medical advice.