Here are some articles and references in regards to managing COVID-19 infections using PEMF devices

What Does COVID-19 Do To Your Body?

COVID-19 is quickly spreading throughout the world. It is a highly contagious virus that can wreak havoc on all of the systems in your body. COVID-19 and other viruses encourage the red blood cells in your body to gather together, clumping into what is known as the Rouleaux effect. As this happens, the red blood cells can no longer contain their positive charge, which means they’re incapable of functioning properly.
In addition, these large clumps of red blood cells are not able to travel through your system due to their sheer size. Because red blood cells are unable to move through extremely small spaces, specifically the capillaries in the body, they cannot provide oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body in an effective manner. In addition, this makes it difficult for the red blood cells in your body to get rid of waste such as various toxins or even carbon dioxide. Because of the Rouleaux effect, the body becomes depleted of oxygen, and this is exactly the kind of environment that a virus such as COVID-19 can thrive in, taking advantage of your damaged cells and the lack of oxygen throughout your body.

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How to Use PEMF Devices to Fight COVID-19?

Using a PEMF device will help to positively charge your cells so that they don’t clump together as a result of the Rouleaux effect. This means that the cells of your body can continue functioning as normal and thus will be able to deliver oxygen throughout the body. This allows your immune system to function properly, which can help you fight the Coronavirus or keep your immune system strong enough to prevent you from contracting it in the first place. Furthermore, PEMF devices help to maximize your overall cellular functioning, which can provide many benefits to your overall health. Specifically, Pulsed Harmonix’s PEMF devices can help you fight COVID-19 in the following ways

Maximizing the Functioning of Your Cells:

PEMF therapy works to optimize the cells in your body by recharging them through the electromagnetic field of energy which is created by the PEMF device. This leads to your red blood cells “plumping up” and becoming more oxygen-saturated. When this is the case, your red blood cells are much more able to circulate oxygenated blood throughout your body because they’re functioning properly.
In addition, the fact that PEMF therapy discourages the Rouleaux effect means that your red blood cells will be able to smoothly travel throughout the body, specifically the capillaries, offering your body the necessary oxygen and nutrients that it requires in order to function properly, while also expelling waste and thus keeping toxins from building up in your system

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Oxygenating Your Blood:

Because PEMF therapy works to optimize your red blood cells, your body will be able to receive properly oxygenated blood throughout its entire system. This means that the vital organs in your body which need to potentially fight the deadly virus will be working at maximum capacity, thus giving you a much better chance of defeating the virus successfully. Specifically, COVID-19 targets the lungs, and so this is a particularly vulnerable system which can be super-charged through the use of PEMF therapy.

Boosting Your Immune System:

Because the cells in your body will be working at their best with the help of PEMF therapy, your immune system as a whole will follow suit. The body’s immune system relies on properly functioning white blood cells, and through the electromagnetic field created by your PEMF device, your white blood cells will be plumped up and recharged along with your red ones. In this way, they will be much more effective at fighting COVID-19 and also protecting you from contracting it in the first place.

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Energizing Your Organs:

In addition to optimizing cellular functioning, the magnetic fields created by PEMF devices also positively charge the cell membrane, causing them to become more open. When cellular membranes are more open, nutrients are better able to enter the cell. In addition, this allows waste such as toxins and carbon dioxide to be more easily expelled from the cell. Thus, cellular balance can be restored. Since the organs in your body are made up of clumps of cells all working together, when they’re optimized, the organs themselves will become more efficient. Thus, by restoring or maintaining cellular function, you will, in turn, restore or maintain organ function, allowing the entire body to function better and be more equipped to fight viruses such as COVID-19.
In addition, as the red blood cells in your body begin to function better and more efficiently, they are more able to carry oxygenated blood to all of the systems in your body. In this way, they can energize your organs by supplying them with the oxygen necessary to keep them functioning at optimal levels. This is particularly important when fighting COVID-19, as the virus seeks to break down your organ systems.