ADAS- Advanced Driver-Assistance System

Most road accidents occur due to human error. Through a safe human-machine interface, Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) increase car and road safety.

ADAS are developed to automate, adapt, and enhance vehicle technology for safety and better driving. ADAS are proven to reduce road fatalities by minimizing human error.

“Correspondingly, we extend and introduce what we call as A3S, i.e. Advanced Accident Alert System. A3S utilizes AI assistance and its key attributes are intelligent forward collision warning, prompt accident analysis and medical emergency support, driver alert technology and uninterrupted vehicle surveillance.”

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Artistic representation of NIVATA- ADAS

In view of this concept, we offer a retrofit ADAS/A3S for private and public vehicles.

Introducing NIVATA

“Nivata” is a Sanskrit word, which means “secure”. Nivata is an advanced driver-assistance system which is specially designed and developed for automobile sector. By identifying the proper feedbacks, and practical issues related to automobile sector we came up with the best solution that provides a complete advanced solution for passenger’s safety, vehicle safety and support for future automation.


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Technical Specification

76 to 81 GHz frequency range
Up to 150 m detection range
1080P HD Video stream

For high-worth transport, we offer customized surveillance system.

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  • Compact design and easy to install on any vehicle
  • Accident analysis and Emergency Medical Support
  • Ideal for driving assistance functions in urban traffic
  • Customized Vehicle Surveillance
  • Collision alert system reduces the accidents counts and improves road safety
  • Driver alertness is sustained using PEMF Technology and Camera